Friday, July 20, 2012

I Thought She Was Sexy

Even the casual reader of this blog understands that blindness can pose some interesting challenges that sighted people do not have to deal with. But that's OK. Remember the blind have special powers that you sighted folks don't have. These powers may include, but are not limited to the following; accentuated smell, taste, touch, and better hearing. (Please refer to my previous posting "What did you say?") Now I have a new challenge to deal with, dating. I'm not talking about perhaps being nervous to ask another woman out, or the logistical difficulties that may arise from not being able to drive.

Recently I met a woman on the local city bus who said she had seen me at the University of Central Oklahoma several times and suggested I visit her where she worked on campus. She was sitting in front of me and had turned her head to converse with me and seemed sexy. Finally I worked up the courage to visit her at work and ask if she would like to go out for an ice cream. I approached the place where she was supposed to be and asked the lady sitting there if Lisa was available. The lady responded saying she would go get her. And so Lisa came to meet me. I had to muster a great deal of self control when I saw her because this was not the attractive woman I thought I saw on the bus. In spite of this I made some small talk and asked her if she would like to go out for an ice cream. She declined stating that she was on a diet and could not eat ice cream. It was obvious that she needed to be on a diet. I am not implying that larger women are unattractive, but this one was. I excused myself as quickly and as gracefully as possible, grateful she declined.

My new challenge, therefore, is figuring out a way to ascertain if the woman is really attractive. One option is to constatnly keep one of my sons with me and have them tell me if she is attractive or not. This approach has some obvious drawbacks and limitations. Another option is to ask her if she would like a free, full body massage. (I am a former licensed massage therapist and have done thousands of massages.) At least this option would allow me to determine if she needed to abstain from ice cream or not. Another possibility is using Facebook but screen reading programs cannot describe pictures and it is my understanding many peoeple, men and women, use out - dated photos or even Photo
Shop to alter the image. The old "bait and switch". I am open for suggestions.


  1. Please don't go around telling people that we have special powers. You're perpetuating a myth. We do not! We are simply trained to use our remaining senses more than a sighted person needs to. My hearing is no better than that of a sighted person, but you could say that my audio perception is better. When I hear a faint sound that a sighted person is not aware of, their ear processes it just like mine does, but their brain does not process it because it wasn't trained to do. Having said that, I have met sighted people who had an astonishingly keen awareness of their other senses. It depends on how visiocentric a person grew up to be.
    Coming back to that myth, I have no more special powers than, say, a musician who trained themselves to play an instrument particularly well.

  2. Dates are better and less awkward when you know someone slightly beforehand anyway. Maybe just get approach it as making friends first? I assume / hope you were joking about the full body massage offer...