Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Hat that Wasn't - Natalie Taylor

Wal-Mart is a helpful place but normally I take
One of my 5 kids with me so I make no mistake
Plus what’s the point of having kids if you can’t make them work
They carry all my heavy bags, no need for them to shirk
But one day they were busy and I had to go alone
Not a biggie I’m a man and fairly close to grown
The items on my list were small and easy things to find
So with ease I walked around, not a care upon my mind
But as I walked with head held high I recalled an item wanted
I needed a white baseball cap so my gray hairs won’t be flaunted
I turned a corner and then I saw exactly what I needed
A roguish grin spread across my face, my trip so soon completed
With confidence I grabbed the hat so I could try it on
But with horror I pulled back, the roguish grin now gone
What I had thought to be a hat turned out to be a bra…
Hurriedly I walked away praying viewers had seen my cane
Because men who finger empty bras are probably insane
So take the moral from this story, I’ll laugh at the man who doesn’t
Learn the lesson from the hat, the hat that really wasn’t

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha so sorry for your mistaken hat grab. At least you can laugh about it and hope no one saw! :)