Friday, August 3, 2012

You Can't Go It Alone

As mentioned in my posting, "Casualties of the War" one of the casualties was my relationship with God.  As I moved from emotional withdrawl from my family to a spiritual withdrawl from God I became angry.  I shut down emotionally and made it almost impossible for Teri to give me the emotional support I desperately needed.  After pleading with God for many months to let me sleep, and not being able too, I began to withdraw from God.  After my sleeping problem abated somewhat I faced another challenge, the difficulty of providing for my family financially.  After my attempts to secure employment as a massage therapist failed, my withdrawl from God turned to anger towards him.  Throughout this whole experience I turned away from those who could help me the most.  I was trying to deal with my challenges alone, and trying to ignore the impending blindness.  In effect, I was "going it alone" and doing so cost me dearly.  When you are facing adversity, please let those around you help you, especially God.  Do not shut out those who want and can help you, especially God.  Do not go it alone.

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