Friday, October 15, 2010

Driving the Corvette

Over the years I have driven several vehicles; cars, trucks, motorcycles (Four different times with only one crash.) a tractor, a three-wheeler (Crashing through a barbed-wire fence, taking out two fence posts and walking away with a scratch on my knee.) and a jet ski. But today my friend took me for a drive in his cherry red, T-top 1970 Stingray Corvette! We were driving down a road that ran parallel to I35 when he pulled into a side road and asked if I wanted to drive. -I took it down the side road with no traffic. I even backed it up and turned it around to drive down the road again! It was awesome feeling the 300+ horsepower engine kick in as I hit the gas. Its hard to say who is crazier, me for driving it or my friend for letting me. Thanks John, that was AWESOME! (If you are a law enforcement officer reading this, I was describing a dream!)
Enjoy the video.

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