Saturday, July 16, 2011

The White Cane

As many of you know, I use a white cane to prevent me from running into things that I do not see. The cane is an invaluable asset and affords a hight degree of indidpendence as opposed to not using one. It also signals to people that I have a visual problem and most people will clear out of my path when they see me walking around. In fact, some parents of younger children will quickly scoop up their children as I get closer. But using my cane has also created some humorous situations. For example, while standing in line at a local sports store, the cashier wanted to ring up my cane thinking it was a pool stick. At Wal-Mart, one cashier thought it was a curtain rod. But the most amusing experience took place at a different Wal-Mart. My son and I were in the aisle that displayed the various corn and potato chip products available for sale. While my son was looking for the product I wanted, I began to twirl the cane around my fingers and wrist. (Yes, I was showing off a bit.) I inadvertently hit the cane against something and it rolled underneath the shelves. I laid down on my stomach in an effort to reach it but could not. I then laid on my back hoping to extend my reach and retrieve my cane. While laying on my back an employee asked if I needed assistance. Fortunately as this occurred there were no other customers around to laugh at me as I lay on the floor. I asked the employee if he could get a broom and use it to push the cane within my reach. He quickly found a broom and I was able to get my cane. The moral of the story is to avoid doing things in public that make you look foolish.

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  1. haha Good times. Too funny. At least you can laugh at it!!